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Struggling With My Surface Pro 3


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OK one month in and I admit I'm struggling with my Surface Pro 3 (i5 4Gb), yes it's a great piece of hardware but I just can't get my head round Windows 8 which I've avoided like the plague on my Win 7 desktop.

As a PC user for may years, I started with CPM and have traversed through DOS, DRDOS, GEM, Windows (all versions) plus a dabble with Linux I can hardly be accused of sticking with what I'm accustomed with, and I'd no issues with using my first tablet (Motorola Xoom) so why the problem with the Windows Interface? I'm not sure. I still haven't managed to master the art of closing a window, probably only get it right first time, in half of my attempts.

Disappointed at the Windows Apps Store as well! am I missing something or is there no filter to help you browse what's available? Seems that you just have "Search" i.e. you know what your looking for, or you have to plod through every page, which despite the limited content is just not going to happen. In my case I've no interest in Games or so called "Social Media" apps so why can't I filter them out and see if anything else is left?

So there you are I'd hoped for an easier transition but I'll stick with it maybe Windows 10 will be a happier experience. Till then I'd love to hear any suggestions from people who've had the same initial problems as me but have made it over the hump and are now happily settled in the "Touch Environment"

We''ll see what happens



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Swiping from top to bottom to close an app does seem more problematic on the SP3 probably due to the larger distance or "Surface area" to travel.

The better option IMO is to swipe in from the left then back to bring up the running apps on the left then move the one you want to close out to the right off the bar and down off the bottom of the screen. OR MS just add close to the swipe from top options, how hard is that??? give them a gesture suggestion. :)

I was going to argue that the Store... but wait its a new design since I saw it last... and its been changing so its a work in progress. not sure where you provide Store feedback, its a good suggestion. While on this topic id say something along the lines of Newegg's store might have some merits too. I totally agree there's no use in having a million apps without very good categorization and filtering. Even then I'm not sure a million apps is useful... when you end up with hundreds of the same thing.


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Also stardock.com sells a program called modernmix to deal with this exact problem. I use it (and start8) on all my win8 PCs and tablets.


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Store has a Catagorgies View


To close with touch, take your finger to the top of the screen, swipe down towards your belly button and when you get to the bottom pause until the App Flips, it is now closed, just don't get to used to it if you are moving to Windows 10 as that gesture is gone...at least currently


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Just as a test I searched on 'beer' (my brother brews beer) its a strange set of results you get. Maybe some of those mention beer in the comments... like, I was drinking beer while playing this game and... IDK, it could use some refinement. :)