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Surface 2 camera problem


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Hi all
I bought 3 Surface 2 tablets for my kids xmas presents and 2 of them have stopped taking pictures.

The video and panorama pics work but std pics have stopped working , Im not very tech savy so if it can be kept to a basic level in explaining a fix if it is at all possible.

Thanks John
Tried a restart, this often solves problems. Check against other one see if they have altered settings in camera . Jim
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If all else fails, I would call Support. I doubt that something is broken with the camera... it is not something I have read before on this forum.
I bought an ipod where the camera stopped working 2 days after I bought it.
I should have returned it on the spot.

My advice is if you can't fix it tonight then return it to where you bought it tomorrow.
Sometimes crap happens in the manufacturing plants.
Look at that kid in China who sabotaged all those ps4s in protest of China's work laws.