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360 panoramas on Surface Pro 2017 not working


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Hi guys,

I´ve just bought a Surface Pro 2017. I work in architectural visualization and I wanted to use my surface as a tablet to run 360 panoramas, 360 tour,... What a surprise that I can´t run what I use to run under Android or Ios.

The Surface don´t detect the movement of the tablet to move panoramas 360. It´s like the gyro doesn´t exist or it´s considering the Surface as a desktop, not a tablet (both modes tested several times)

Even I´ve tried to run Youtube 360 videos and don´t run.

I can touch the screen and move into videos and panoramas 360 but the movement of the video is not posible to be done moving my Surface.

Some links to be tested, if it´s possible, please...

L 18 bloque 1 viv 2d

Residencial La Garena

None of them working on my Surface under Edge, firefox or Chrome... by working on Android or Ios : (

Thanks. Greetings,