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Solved Surface 2 not charging

I have a surface pro 2.5 windows 10 pro with 2 charging issues

Issue 1. charger will light up for a few seconds then stop charging:

Cause: AC cord from wall to brick, I'm in the Philippines and I don't want to pay for shipping (AC cord recall), easier to make or buy a new one.

My Solution: I had to shave the plastic and rubber parts of the male plug that goes into the brick so its in deep. I now get a steady charge light! However, after windows load I get Issue 2

Issue 2. Plugged in Not charging:

Cause: windows 10 auto update of drivers (even if disabled, no go, it will still update)

My Solution: (temporary, still looking for a better one)

Before every shutdown, uninstall battery and bluetooth drivers (device manager, put check on delete drivers) after shutdown, vol up + power button till it blinks twice(full shutdown), disconnect charger (don't power-up right away! else won't work).

Before power-up, reconnect charger and power on, on boot-up windows will auto install default drivers so the bluetooth and charger will work.

Once you go online new drivers will auto download and install and once restarted or shut, a full install will happen and you will again get the same issue. To avoid that I do the same said shutdown and power on procedures I formulated thru hours of trials and reading. Hoping that a new update will finally resolve this.

Update: already one week with this issue and i still try other things sometimes coz i dun wanna go back to 8.1