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Surface 2 battery not charging, won't update firmware


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I feel I'm stuck in a vicious cycle. My wife has an old Surface 2 that came up as 'not charging, battery not detected', so I wiped it and restarted it. Now it says I need to update the firmware, but each time I try to run the updates it Fails. In reading up on it, I see the battery needs to be plugged in, or at 40% for the updates to run. Well...(see problem #1), without the battery charging and not detecting it, I feel like I'm stuck. It's well past warranty. Does anyone know if I take it to a Microsoft store if they'll assist? Any suggestions are welcome. I've tried uninstalling the battery drivers; holding down vol.+ button & power button for 5 minutes; resetting the tablet to factory specs...no luck with any of these. PLEASE HELP!