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Surface 2 to Surface 3??


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Anyone hear anything about the possibility of trading in the Surface 2 for the Surface 3??

I bought my daughter the Surface 2 over the Surface Pro because she needed the 4g lte capability.... She wanted the pen and the full Windows but the 4glte was more important..... now the Surface 3 will have that option plus the pen option and will be able to run Windows 10 when the time comes...

If anyone hears anything let me know..


Surface 2 & Surface Pro 3


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Microsoft has been takeing trade-ins but they give you so little for the deal your best bet would be to out the system up on eBay


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They should give you a trade in, after killing off Windows RT, just as a courtesy, to customers who bought the Surface 2 such as myself. It is kind of frustrating buying expensive technology to find it dead in the water 18 months later.

I've never heard trade-in mentioned here in Australia though.


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There is a current trade in deal running until the end of May.

A working Surface 2 + Power Adapter will get you $150. You won't get any extra for including the touch or type covers.

You probably can get more selling it yourself though.

In either case, if you do that use the Reset function to Wipe All Information and reinstall Windows to Factory condition.


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The Surface 2 wasn't worth much more than that well before it was made extinct by Microsoft and worth 3/5 of buggerall.

I checked with Microsoft Store and no the trade in offer isn't available in Australia but I suggested it should be.