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Surface 3 Cannot Charge to 100%


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Hello all,

I've just bought my surface 3 a week ago. Everything is doing well except the battery.

The problem is, I cannot charge the battery to 100%. It always stuck at around 90%. It's written as plugged in-charging, but the charge won't increase.

What I have done:
- Update my surface and I used stock charger for charging
- Using different cable and other 3A charger.
- Reset the surface
- Calibrate? (Let it hibernate at 5% battery)
The issue persists.

When I use powercfg, I got something like this:
Design Capacity: 28,443 mWh
Full Charge Capacity: 28,771 mWh
Current Capacity: 27,020 mWh

I also tried using NirSoft BatteryInfoView and got this info:
Battery Voltage at 90% = 4.268V
Battery Voltage at 5% = 3.682V

I feel that the battery voltage at 5% is suspiciously high. Typical Li-ion battery drain to around 3.4 volts, right? Is it possible that my battery is miscalibrated?

Also, could you tell me your surface 3 full charge voltage for reference?


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All 5 of the Surface 3s I owned so far went to 100% Apart from that: it is better for your battery not to charge it to 100%. Your battery will last the longest if you keep it between 20% and 80%