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Surface 3 charging question


Is the charging light in the cord supposed to stay on even after the device is 100% charged?

Mine does and I couldn't find any information on it.

Thanks for your help.


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So the light being on only signifies that the device s plugged in?

I guess if that's if in two weeks that's the only thing I found not to my liking, this is a great device. :)
The idiot light or idiotic light, always on brightly and annoyingly large.
Lets hope Surface 4 improves that with smaller, dimmer, and colors to indicate charging, charged, connected not charging.
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Simple fix for the light is to either use another micro USB cable, or if you don't mind get a black sharpie (permanent marker) and careful colour over the light to dim the light.
The sharpie trick works well I have a hardliner USB charging socket in my car and did this trick to dim down the bright blue light a little.