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Surface 3 or Surface Pro 2


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This is something I've been searching for about a week and can't find any direct comparisons. I have a 2013 MacBook pro that I'm trying to trade for a surface. If I don't trade and sell instead, should I buy a surface pro 2 or the surface 3?

Does anyone have both that could give some insight or perhaps a video that I can't find?

I should add that I'm mostly "trading" the MacBook for it because I want the pen input. I like the idea that I'd be able to either draw concept art or potentially do some 3d sculpting. I realize the Surface Pro 3 i5 or > would be ideal, but unless someone trades me that is out of the question at this point.


I think that comparing the Surface Pro 3 to the Surface 3, it would be a lot easier to recommend the Pro 3 performance wise. I don't own any of the Surface tablets, but I am planning on buying the Surface 3 on Tuesday. You are getting the newest tech with the best longevity if you buy the Surface 3. I think most would agree that it is the better deal