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  1. S

    Solved SP 3 Screen Freezing Often/ Reset Computer

    I have a SP 3 and having big issues with screen freezing, needing to restart several times to get it to work. This morning I needed to reset the computer. Windows is updated and last month I had it evaluated by the Microsoft Store in Natick, Mass and they advised that all is fine, even though it...
  2. A

    Surface Pro 4 Pen not working

    So, as I’ve up on how to fix this problem. I’ve already replaced the battery with a new one. I’ve updated the drivers on my surface 3. It’s updated to the latest Windows 10 update so I don’t know what’s going on. It will work fine for an hour or so and then just go on and off between working and...
  3. I

    Pen connected but not working HELP!

    Hello! I was wondering is someone could help me? My surface pen does not work, it is connected because Bluetooth said it is paired and when I double tap the purple button it goes to notes but I can't write, tap or scroll with the pen! I've tried the steps stated (Restart - Repair pen - even run...
  4. M

    Surface 3 for $300. Worth it in 2018?

    Hello. I live in Ukraine (where the 400$ is average salary btw) and I wanna buy some Surface to study at university. I found the new, unused Surface 3 - 2/64 (LTE) for 320$. Is it a good deal for now, or I should pay a little more and purchase some another Surface? How do you think?
  5. I

    Art programs not working corretcly (suspect driver issue)

    I was wondering if any of you fine dudes and dudettes had any expertise and could help me figure out what's been happening with my surface pro for the last two days. I haven't been able to draw anything on my tablet in any art program (primarily photoshop and clip studio paint), but the...
  6. W

    Boot Surface 3 from external SSD?

    I've replaced my Surface 3 with a Surface Pro 2017 because the S3 was just. too slow. I attributed much of the slowness and lack of responsiveness to the eMMC drive, kind of like using a USB thumb drive for a hard drive. Would it speed up the Surface 3 noticeably to have it boot off of, and...
  7. A

    Sitting Surface 3 with keyboard on my lap!

    Hi, Does anyone have any ideas, or know of any products, so that when I am just sitting in a chair I can still use my surface with keyboard as I would a laptop? The existing set up of keyboard that isn't rigidly attached to the main unit and the stand on the back makes anything else but desk...
  8. D

    Windows Hello Not Working On Surface Pro 3

    Hi, I have just purchased a Surface Pro 3, and the camera works, however, Windows Hello does not work. I have looked in device manager and there is no Surface Camera Windows Hello Driver, under System Devices. I have tried scanning for new hardware. I have also tried a 2-button restart. Can...
  9. C

    Surface 3 turns up but I have no more response (w/ Pictures)

    Hello guys. I turned my Surface 3 (not the Pro) some days ago, but how upset I got to see it stopped working, as you can see in the pictures. Have anybody ever had a similar problem? I suspect it's the LCD which stopped working somehow. Don't know if the pictures are clear enough, but when I...
  10. X

    Surface 3 Trackpad problem

    I have got a problem with my Surface 3 and hopefully there is someone in this forum who is able to give me a solution to solve it. Back then i bought my Surface 3 with a typecover as a bundle but for some time now it is kinda bugged. Every time i use the trackpad of the typecover my Surface is...
  11. G

    Surface 3 Freezing at low power, can't find anyone else with this problem - HELP PLEASE

    Hey people, I'm a big fan of the surface range and have both a Surface Pro 3 and a Surface 3 for my son. Now the problem I'm having here is related to the Surface 3 (Windows 10), it has had a light use life during it's first year but now that it is just outside of it's warranty (typical) the...
  12. W

    Broken micro USB port

    Hello One of the inner pins of the micro USB port got bent. I can't plug my cable in to charge it. What are my options? I don't want to call Microsoft because I don't want to have to pay 100$+ for the repair. (I got it used for 200). If I were to get the docking station, would that charge...
  13. N

    Putting Surface into Sleep mode programmatically (Windows 10)

    An old problem, maybe (?) resolved for older Windows version, but not for Windows 10! The solutions proposed in old discussions (... SetSuspendState with parameters 0,1,0 (or Sleep), with or without prior hibernate off ...) dont work on Windows 10 systems. At least not on all: On my Surface 3...
  14. S

    Small menu in programs

    I have the surface pro3 and see that my programs, like photoshop is verry small in tekst. See the menu. I have this also on diferent programs. How to fix this so i see the menu normal !! Please help
  15. C

    Solved Looking for really knackered 128GB Surface 3 for part salvaging

    Hello there! I just signed up in the hopes of finding here what I've been trying to get hold of for a while now. I'm looking for a REALLY faulty/damaged Microsoft Surface 3 (128GB/4GB model. May take the 64GB/4GB model if I can't find the former, but I really want the 128GB eMMC). All I really...
  16. C

    Solved Manually downloaded Intel beta graphics driver and ...surprise...that was not a good idea

    Now, this Surface (which I borrowed, for an international trip, btw, not completely sure if it's Pro2 or 3. I have to return it in less than 3 weeks. Or ...ig might as well not go back, haha) anyway, the Surface now has a black screen. device was on the charger, fully charged, keyboard is...
  17. aschulte

    Water damage to screen - do I have options?

    Because of a small housing flood, my Surface P3 screen does not function. The touch screen works and the computer itself is fine (aka I'm using an external monitor and keyboard). It's only been a day so I'm hoping that is might 'dry out' and show image again (which happened to one of my phones a...
  18. C

    Surface 3 Pen Bent Severely

    I just got a Surface 3 pen for school about a week ago. Everything was fine, until I noticed a big dent near the top of it. It is impossible to get the AAAA battery out, because I think it dented the battery, too. Surprisingly, the pen still worked, with the battery dented. I tried to bend the...
  19. E

    Type cover pro 3 on surface 3 (not pro)

    So, I decided to buy a Pro 3 Type Cover to use with my Surface 3, because I read on the web that it has many advantages over the type cover 3. So far, it's been good, but I miss being able to snap the keyboard to the bottom of the Surface, so that the keyboard is angled. Notice that I don't mean...
  20. H

    Surface RT with surface pro 3 type cover possible?

    Hii there, I've got a question. I'm got an old surface 2 RT but it works fine and I love it. Now I want to buy a surface pro 3 type cover, but is it possible to connect a surface pro 3 type cover on the surface 2 RT? I would like to hear the answer, Kind regards, Harm