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Surface 3 Dock Mini DP Port


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Looking for advice regarding Mini DP cables in conjunction with the dock...

I bought a Surface 3 direct from MS back in 2016 and love it, also got the dock a couple of years back for about £30/40 on EBay.

Would never have bought the dock for the £200 original price, ridiculous for a block of plastic if you're just a general consumer, but for the price I paid (I've seen it recently as low as £15 new!) it's a bargain. If only for that it charges the tablet in half the time (before you take into account the extra USB ports and the ethernet etc plus the rare occasion I've used the audio jack it seems to use a better DAC than the one in the tablet itself, but might be wrong).

My only problem is the Mini DP to HDMI lead I have doesn't sit in the dock port fully, it feels like only a fraction of the contact areas are actually contacting. It seems to be the thickness of plastic around the main metal square of the actual plug bit (flange?). It's probably contacting enough to be functional, but it's not ideal, and I'd be very cautious using it like it is. It's not a problem at the moment, as I only use the dock when I use the Surface for a considerable length of time and want to use a bigger USB keyboard instead of the proper Surface one (for instance), but at some point I want to set the dock up permanently and connect it to my desktop monitor with keyboard etc...

I've read about someone else having this problem a while ago (but can't find it now), so I'm guessing it's quite a common problem as the cable I have doesn't seem to have a particularly thick layer of plastic around the plug?

Any advice from someone with the same issue they solved by a specific cable would be great!