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Surface 7 i5 with FAN


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my Surface 7 i5 16GB Ram arrived today - YES - i was so happy.

But whats this? The i5 (16Gb RAM) has a FAN - and creates a constant fu.... noise noise noise noise... the fan never goes out - not even without a network plug.

The surface 6 i5 hasn´t a fan - or? Why has the surface 7 a fan?

I'm so disappointed in Microsoft. A real shame.
The surface is sent back.

Best regards
I think it's because the GPU is faster in the Surface Pro 7 i5. Faster GPU = Moar heat. Probably couldn't get away without having a fan. Otherwise you have customers complaining about "Throttle Gate"....
Just came home today from the Microsoft store with my new SP7. I asked the salesperson if the i5 had a fan and she didn't know. I got the i7 so I expected the fan but I wanted the faster, best most future proof (at least a few years).
Right now the fan is always on and the unit gets hot, but I know it's doing many things in the background, like syncing my OneDrive files so I'll see if it doesn't settle down.
pity that the i5 is not fanless (the i7 was never - or? - thats why i bought the i5 - because i thought, the i5 is fanless - that was a mistake) - The fan annoying - but you can arrange with it - the person just adapts. At least the performance fits - and the i5 is fast... - you made the right choice with the i7 - faster is always better:)

But i have another big problem with the display - perhabs you can help me:
Surface 7 Display

Thanks very much.