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Surface Book 2 (SB2) in clamshell mode disables Windows Hello to be used with external webcam


I have an external webcam (Logitech BRIO - compatible with Windows Hello) to be used when the SB2 is in clamshell mode (connected to the Surface Dock with an external monitor, keyboard and mouse.). It never works when the lid is closed. The only way to use the BRIO webcam with Windows Hello is by opening the lid (no clamshell mode), as soon as I close the lid (no action in power settings when lid is closed, it is not going to sleep) Windows Hello will be kind of deactivated and the BRIO webcam will not be detected. As soon as I open the lid, Windows Hello with the external BRIO webcam will work right away, coming from cold boot, resuming from sleep or hibernation, it always work. I think the SB2 is shutting down the Windows Hello system because it assumes the only camera is the built in. Is there a way to fix this behavior and allow the external camera to be used with Windows Hello as well with lid closed? To me this is a bug in the hardware or Windows 10, any thoughts? Thanks

NOTE: I posted this on the Windows 10 forum because I am not sure if the issue is in the Surface hardware or the Windows Hello subsystem.