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How to get Fallout 4 to play on a SP4 i7

Anybody know how to get the game to launch? I installed Steam. It installed the game. When I run the game, it tries to detect my video card. It can't, and sets everything to low. When I click "Play" it looks like it will launch, but then nothing. I'm back to desktop. So I don't even get to the loading page.

Btw, I didn't play a lot with the SP4 i7 yet, but I didn't get any video card driver crashes yet like some people.


I tried that. It's not so much going to max performance, it just won't load. It launches to a black screen then closes..


I got it to run, but not sure what caused it to work, and it wasn't repeatable. I know I set the fallout4.exe to win7 compatibility mode, and not to high dpi scale. Then when I selected 16:10 I got a bunch of modes. I selected something low and I got the game on full screen. Then I missed with it to change resolution and I can sometimes get it to load but always in a windowed screen, never full screen again.


I gave up on it and uninstalled that mess from my SP4. I'll wait until the developers release a stable patch. Amazingly CoD Black Ops 3 plays fine on my SP4 and the graphics seem a lot better than Fallout.
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