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Solved Surface book dead....


After the good success of the firmware update it died this morning.

Was using it in my dock and disconnected it to do some sketches in One Note. Battery said it was getting low so I put it back on the keyboard and attached the dock.

Lots of hardware discovery noises, speakers come on and off, but no video.

Take it off the dock, no video. Hard reset it, no video.

It is "on" but I get a flash of the login screen every 10-15 seconds. Keyboard goes dim but when I touch a key it comes on.

Does not work in the dock, out of the dock, attached to the keyboard or not, and does not work in another Surface dock.

Going to the MS store but I know they will not have a replacement.


Now its back.

Went to the MS store(thankfully 10 minutes away) and they had the same issue.

They did a hard reset, which I tried and was unsuccessful with and once it got back into the UEFI screen it was fine.

So Power + Volume Down for 30 seconds. There was some posts I read where it was a sequence but the rep there said just those two.
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