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Amazing amount of problems with Surface Book


Hate to be the person to join a forum just to complain but I'm hoping my Surface Book is just a bad unit.

I've seen one of the problems posted but here is the list so far after using it for 4 hours:

  • Dell 34" U-Wide cannot be used with the dock. Screen goes black every 2-3 minutes for 10 seconds or so

  • Cannot boot with the dock. Monitor never comes on and my Kef X300 speakers just click over and over. Have to boot without the dock, then plug the dock in

  • Strangest problem is color temp changes on web pages as you scroll. Goes from a light white screen to a purple or yellow hue once you hit a certain point in the page, happens consistently on long pages and easy repeatable. Happens on both the external monitor and the laptop screen.

  • Playing MPEG files on the laptop works fine, playing them connected to the dock will give an unable to decode error sometimes, program closes other times, and plays. After it errors out 2-3 times it refuses to play until reboot.

  • Going to a web page where there are a lot of animations or movement causes a black screen, won't come back until you undock/redock

  • Cannot detach dock, says I have to close SearchUI but its not a running service that I can find, have to reboot again

  • After using for a while cannot run any program getting a Run32DLL error.

Seriously now what I was expecting for a $2,500 investment including the dock. I got the i7 GPU model with 256gb of storage.

It does so many things right too. This is the first computer I've seen where the pen is actually usable for how I would use it. Keyboard is fantastic, trackpad too.

Not everything comes out of the factory as it should so maybe this is just a bad unit but the docking situation will kill it in the business market place, that has to work right.


Buying a new product always has it's initial 1-3 months of bugs that are slowly worked out in updates. Maybe wait and see what gets resolved?


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ugh that sucks so bad. I expected there to be problems but the number and severity right out of the box is quite astonishing. Hope you can give them a few weeks to try and sort things out. On the other had there are still bugs that exist from the SP1 days...


Buying a new product always has it's initial 1-3 months of bugs that are slowly worked out in updates. Maybe wait and see what gets resolved?

I have been a day 1 adopter for years. We are a MS Partner too and have always bought the latest and greatest the day it came out.

I don't know if I've had a string of good luck but never ran into problems like this. There are bugs and then there are shoving a product out the door before its obviously ready.

I bought the i7 for a specific reason, to be an apples to apples comparison to my MB Pro Retina which I am replacing with the SB.

What concerns me is the large number of people with the same problem. Dual GPU's are always flaky setups but I was thinking MS had finally solved it and made it seemless.


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I have the same problem with auto-brightness turned off. It also occurs with the screen detached, so I don't think it's related to the GPU.


It's risky buying day one first gen products.
Problems are to be expected. I think the dock release is going to be an issue. I see several people complaining of issues with the release not releasing and I have seen it release in an janky way where it does release, but not fully on both sides and needs some wiggling or reinsertion and re-release to disconnect it properly.


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Ok. I've witnessed the hue changing bug. What's weird is it happens randomly and goes away and I can't replicate it. Refreshing the page fixes it. This'll get fixed through firmware like the dimming thing I had on S2.

We just need to make our voice heard with MS support and not here.

I posted a topic on MS's website if you'd like to add to it to get our voice heard.

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