1. N

    Solved Anyone else has issue with Edge browser?

    I wanted to give Edge a chance so I've been using it for a while. My SP4 is updated to the latest and every single time I use Edge, it stalls. When I try to open a page, it often just sits there and spins. I have to close the browser or tab and restart and sometimes that works. Few days ago I...
  2. O

    Strange pdf issue on my SP3 (but none of my other W10 machines)...

    I have an issue with viewing locally stored pdf's, both in Edge and Chrome. When I have Chrome set as default pdf-viewer and I in Win Explorer double-click a pdf on the SSD, say in C:\Users\Fabian\Documents, Chrome does not display the file, but makes a copy of it by downloading and renaming...
  3. N

    SP3 Running Wonderfully with 10 Anniversary Update and Ad Block Plus

    Wasn't a fan of what W10 did to my 8.1 SP3 tablet, but this is definitely an upgrade from both 8.1 and previous W10. Morning browsing with edge took half the time, it took before the upgrade. Chose Ad Block Plus over Ad Block because of slightly better reviews. Can't say AB+ is better, but it...
  4. kristalsoldier

    Edge + Extensions: SP4 W10AU

    Hi all, Just set up a brand new SP4 for myself. The machine updated to the AU version of W10 using the Windows Update Assistant and all went well. Except that in Edge, I click on extensions and the store opens but I get no extensions like Translator, Mouse Gestures etc. I got Ad Block from a...
  5. C

    Surface Book i7 - Edge - Facebook Crash

    Anyone else experiencing crashing on Facebook when scrolling past a video and a chat pop up window is open? I have to keep hitting the standby button to get out of the freeze. Annoying!
  6. R

    Keyboard does not work when edge is opened

    When I launch edge on pro 3 it locks up. neither keyboard or pen work. Keyboard still works if I switch apps so it is isolated to edge. Any fixes?
  7. T

    Microsoft Edge is part of the problem.

    Like many of you I was super excited to open my Surface Book up and play with my shiny new toy, only to discover that there were errors all over the place. Specifically, I had the intel display adapter crashing problem (every few minutes) and the display color shifting problem that others have...
  8. S

    Will SP4 come with a SIM card slot, for GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/LTE?

    The title says it all ... Will the Surface Pro 4 provide a 4G slot for inserting telecommunication SIM cards?
  9. N

    Edge does not recover keyboard screen space

    Had this issue for a month or so. After using the on screen keyboard, and dismissing it, the space where the keyboard was remains white. The only thing I've found that recovers the space when it happens is to Restart the tablet. This happens once a day or so. It does happen when I bring up...
  10. N

    SP3 Win10 Edge Tablet Performance Post (moved by Mod) RESOLVED

    Posted my SP3 TABLET issues, especially Edge speed. Comparing the speed of my i5 128/4 Win 10 SP3 to a Z 3795 Win 8.1 Atom tablet got the post moved to the Lenovo thread. I looked at Edge History, for some reason, and discovered I had NO HISTORY. A little searching found the problem and a...
  11. N

    My 8.1 Lenovo Atom is a blazingly better TABLET than my 10 SP 3 i5

    Caveat: This is not a discussion of desktop, laptop or Surface-with-keyboard-and-mouse, which is clearly superior to Vista/XP/7 and 8 school and business use. Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 10 128/4 W8.1 64 Pro (more or less the same as a Surface3) vs Windows 10 SP3 i5 same 128/4 plus SSD. Takes 8...