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Surface Book Touch keyboard in tablet mode


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Hi - Another question about touch keyboard use on a Surface Book...

When I have the SB in tablet mode with the screen reversed and folded back against the keyboard, there doesn't seem to be a way to show the touch keyboard in "old" windowed/non-Metro apps. I presume this is because SB still sees the physical keyboard as being attached even though it can't actually be used.
I do have the "Automatically show the touch keyboard in windowed apps ..." option turned on in the Typing settings but this doesn't help.
Touch keyboard shows in OS dialogue boxes, Edge etc but not in things like Word 2010.
Any suggestions or should I splash out on a 3rd party touch keyboard?
Not exactly sure, but you have to check the "show keyboard on taskbar" option in the taskbar submenu or is it add keyboard shortcut in taskbar. In desktop mode, the touch keyboard doesn't launch automatically.

Edit: yeah, right click on taskbar and check "show touch keyboard button"

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