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Can I charge the Surface Book without the keyboard base?


Sorry if this was already answered. Does anyone know for certain if you can charge the SB without docking it to the keyboard? In an early anandtech article it states:

"Surface Connector (In Tablet and Base)"

Microsoft Reveals the Surface Book

I thought the charging port was called "Surface Connect". Is there a Surface Connect port in the bottom of the SB tablet? Or is the Anandtech article referring to the fact that the tablet connects to the base? :)



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In one of the videos I saw, I don't remember where, they said you could plug the power connector into the Clipboard.


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Someone at the press event took a nice picture to answer this: http://i.imgur.com/oUN1Xmph.jpg

The picture appears to show the Book charging with an SP3/SP4 charger. And it looks like the keyboard base has 3 connectors: the middle one looks like the same 40-pin connector from the the SP3/SP4 docking stations and the two side connectors are probably for the NVIDIA GPU.


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I read two posts where two people used demos in stores and they hooked up chargers to the clipboard (tablet) apart from the keyboard and it was charging. Wonder if it allows you to transmit data through the dock?