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Virtual keyboard problem on SB2 15"


Strange and irritating recurring matter on my SB2 15".

Periodically, and at random intervals, when I get to the logon screen, when I am in reverse screen attached mode (tablet turned around with the keyboard facing backwards) when I am at the logon screen, the virtual keyboard that should pop up when I need tap the screen to enter my password won't come up.

I have to either

a. Hit the Settings button, bottom right of the screen, each time and select the On Screen Keyboard which is a full keyboard.
b. Detach the screen, touch the password entry field which then pulls up the correct virtual keyboard automatically, re-attach the screen and then logon

Anyone else seen this type of issue or a resolution..?


It is on, but has no effect at the "Logon on to your PC" screen, only applicable if you are already in the PC with the screen unlocked.
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