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Surface Car mount?


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The GPS-enabled PC program or app expects to receive GPS NMEA Sentences via a COM port (Bluetooth or USB mapped through to COM) in a simulated 4800 Baud rate.

Your Internet connection or other Bluetooth connections do not have to be disconnected, though slow PCs can have trouble keeping up with all the input/output devices.

I use the built-in Windows 10 offline maps (select by country and province or region or state), and sometimes Google Earth, or Microsoft Streets. For Google Earth, GooPs (free version) is a must.

My favorite app for GPS on my Surface Pro 3 is the built-in offine Maps app, which works wonderfully with the touch interface.

Screenshot (231).png

Screenshot (232).png

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Got all that using the Microsoft Maps program I have download the maps for my area,
I just turned the internet connection off so I would know that it was using the GPS rather than the internet for my location

Do I need any other software to be able to use the GPS receiver, When paired It created two comports, but if I load the maps program it can't find my location,

Any idea why my GPS and windows phone for that mater are paired but not connected

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The phone GPS chip does not translate your location sense into "NMEA Sentences". That is the requirement to use Maps app.


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My phone can give me real-time location information. While I was a passenger in a car, I brought up a map of where we were driving and I could follow our car on the map and could see each of the roads as we passed them.


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Yes, your phone provides GPS, but not exported to your Surface. That requires "NMEA Sentences".