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Thanks to everyone who participated in this thread and let us all know of all the cases for Surface (Pro)!
Perusing this thread and review helped me crystallize my thoughts on cases and sleeves. Here they go:

There are 3 usual distinct use cases and corresponding types of accessory:
1. Case. Hugs the device, you use the device with it on.
2. Sleeve to pack the device in.
3. Sleeve to pack the device away.
People usually want one of those types, sometimes two.

I realized I am specifically interested in type 3: a sleeve to pack the device away. I am using a Zeroshock iii sleeve (not sure if this particular size) with my ThinkPad X series laptop now. It has fairly hard honeycomb padding inside and I'm pretty sure my laptop will be alright when I toss it in my backpack when I travel: either in a dedicated compartment or in the main trunk of a stuffed backpack along with all the other stuff.
What would you recommend for Surface Pro 2 with a Type Cover, of this type 3 sleeves, specifically? I like the sleeve to be reasonably snug, but this stiffer kinds of sleeves might need to be more padded than the other ones.

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I use the Solo Storm bag to carry my Surface RT, charger, pens and pencils, some small documents as well as my Franklin Covey Weekly Planner (no matter how hard I try, cannot get away from the weekly paper planner!). Love the case, small and light and padded to protect my Surface RT. A few months ago I dropped my Surface with no cover on it: I got a new one (it was insured) and quickly purchased the Manvex cover from Amazon. Works well, and the Surface fits snugly inside the padded pocket with the cover and type cover both on. I purchased the Storm case from WalMart for $24, and the Manvex cover for $29 from Amazon. Here's the link to the Solo case:

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Picked up a pro case from amazon find it excellent, and good looking too. Fits well including type add also a place for your pen.


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Incipio makes an amazing case for the Surface 2 pro but unfortunately they do not make one for the Surface 2 (RT)
We all need to get together and help Incipio decide to make this case. MS Store even carries this pro2 case.

Buy Incipio Feather Case for Surface Pro (Black) - Microsoft Store Canada Online Store
If you read around the forum in other threads you're likely to come across some negative ownership reviews of this case unfortunately, so I'm not sure how much support you'd get for that!


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I was one of the folks who gave the Incipio Feather Case a bad review.

If you read around the forum in other threads you're likely to come across some negative ownership reviews of this case unfortunately, so I'm not sure how much support you'd get for that!
For the usual reasons I gave the Incipio Feather Case a negative review. The part that envelopes the stand was too tight, causing the stand to bow inward in the middle, preventing the stand from closing flush, worrying me that the stand would eventually warp or break. Also, when I deployed the stand, the case would separate. It had to be snapped back together every time I used the stand.

I purchased my case off ebay. I only saved about $10 to be honest. I returned the item to the ebay seller. I think I lost about $5 in shipping. I then bought another one from a different ebay seller. It suffered from exactly the same problems. Fortunately, I contacted Incipio, and they stood behind the product even though it was purchased on ebay, allowed me to do an RMA return, and I just received a replacement. While still not perfect, the replacement fits 90% better. The part that surrounds the stand only causes the stand to bow ever so slightly. Thus, the stand almost closes flush. Also, you can audibly hear the two pieces of the case snap together. That was not true of the first two ebay cases. This case, at least so far, has not separated when deploying the stand.

I believe if you buy an Incipio Feather Case off ebay, there is a very good chance that it is a customer return. It was likely returned due to the problems above. I suspect you are much more likely to get a functional case if you purchase it directly from Incipio.
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Wow... nice looking bag, and so cheap! Here's the manufacturers product page with some more pictures than Amazon's: Solo Storm 10.2" Universal Tablet Sling - Solo

Just received mine and I love it. I bike to work everyday and this is perfect! Also great on travel. Thanks for posting about this.
Works with SPro v1 and power cover attached.
The pictures indicate that it is a left shoulder bag, just like every other 'sling' ever made.

Is there a D-ring on the other corner to allow right shoulder use?
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