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The ThinkTank case, the Artificial Intelligence 13, arrived today.


For me, it's perfect. It's small, and designed to be carried vertically, which I think is cool. It has both a carrying handle and adjustable shoulder strap.

The Surface Pro with Type Cover slides right in. It is snug front to back, a perfect fit. Side to side, though, it has some extra room. You will find that as it sits in the case, there's about 1" of play on either side, and if it's snug against the bottom, you'll find about 3" of play at the top, below the zipper. So, it's not flush. But as I said, it's tight, like a clam, front to back. And - it sure slides in and out easier than the HP I was using.

(Photos will follow)

Also, there's a massive, expandable front pocket, with multiple smaller compartments.

And - the Holy Grail - there's a slot for the stylus. Yes, a slot for the stylus.

Also, one of the pockets fits the Wedge Mouse *perfectly.*

And besides that, the AC adapter, the already mentioned Stylus and Wedge Mouse, a big set of keys, my Galaxy Note 2, my LG USB 4G LTE modem, and sunglasses - all fit easily inside. Back pocket too, for papers and boarding passes.

So if I'm heading out in the world, I'm 100% geared up, with every conceivable accessory, in a small, cool case.

Protection? Better than the HP I was using, because the case is semi-solid...not just soft.

My search is over. Forty bucks, including shipping.

I use ThinkTank for my $3000 Nikon D800, and my arsenal of lenses that cost much more than that. As of this writing, I own 12 ThinkTank camera bags. Plus, bigger versions of this bag, for my mongo 17" laptops. And now? I am so happy to have their product wrapping my Surface Pro, and every accessory I own.
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Init 10" Netbook Messenger Bag (NT-NB994) - Brown : Laptop Messenger Bags - Future Shop
Init 10" Netbook Messenger Bag (NT-NB993) - Black : Laptop Messenger Bags - Future Shop


I bought this bag today fits the charger in a zipper pocket that you cant see in the pictures
the surface is pretty snug (maybe a 1~2 cm of movement from side to side.
I even managed to squeeze in a textbook, calculator, headphones, mouse, pens, pencils, and a highlighter, and still have a pouch left.
$20.00 you can also find it on ebay.


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Incipio Case with the US charger and some addtional bits (as above). So as you can see it does bulk up, but not as much as to make it too bulky.

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How the heck did you cram the charger in there? I have the case too and I never even thought of trying to put it in there since it looked so small. Will have to try it and see for myself. Would be great if it fits so i don't have to look for another case.


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Not sure if the VanGoddy one would fit well since it seems to be the exact length of the SP.
I got this VanGoddy case: Amazon.com: VanGoddy Pindar Professional Deluxe Business Office Nylon Messenger Case with Padded Shoulder Strap For Microsoft Surface (8 Pro) / Microsoft Surface (RT) Windows 8 Tablet Computer Notebook Netbook Tab: Office Products
The Pro with a type keyboard and power supply fit quite nicely. Also has places for the stylus and a few other accessories.


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I picked up the Brookstone 13" Leather Sleeve for MacBook Air® Notebooks and Tablets.

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I have the Manvex also (see my review on amazon). It's ok except for the fact that it ruins edge gestures due to the bezel covering.


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This is a really nice case and I think people will be excited to see it. It even offers the back strap which somebody was considering gluing onto their Surface.

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