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Surface CD uploads without a driver; what to do?

Agave Azul

Not sure if I am posting this correctly, so bear with me.
(If this is not the correct forum, please let me know!)

I have an SP2.
Bought my friend a refurbished RT, with 8.1 installed.
My friend purchased an aftermarket machine with software installation on a CD, to attempt to use with his RT.

I think its only useful with 2000, XP, Vista.

Can he run that software on his RT?

If not, is it possible?

I'm not a hardware guy; just a MS fan with love for my SP2; as well as his RT.
(His RT works quite well; may I say!)

What are his options?
Short answer is no, your friend cannot run that software on a SurfaceRT.

The RT can only run the software that came with it, or that is obtained via the Microsoft Store app on his RT.