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Desktop Icons - External Monitor + Blurry Screen


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Our MD has gone out and purchased a Surface Pro, and has problems when it is re-connected to the dock intermittently.

When it is re-connected - the icons seem to jump all over the screen (scattered) and he is getting sick and tired of re-aligning them all the time. Is there anyway to fix this without 3rd Party Software?

Further to the problem - occasionally Outlook 2016 seems to go very hazy/fuzzy.


Surface Pro 4, i7/16gb/256 HDD
Surface Dock
(brick style)
Consol Display Port -> HDMI into Back of Monitor
Phillips LED Screen
(I can't find the model # sorry)

Has anybody experienced similar problems?

I've run Firmware Update on the Dock & Tablet, but everything says it is running the latest version.


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Is this using extended, mirrored or external monitor only?

Just using it configured as a External Monitor only.

I've actually swapped the monitor today, and using a different one to see if it makes any difference. I have my doubts, but who knows.
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