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Surface Dock, newer model


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I recently purchased a Surface Dock and I ran into an issue with the HDMI to display port adapter.
I did a little research before posting here and found out that I require an Active adapter. I found plenty online and I'm going to purchase a couple for home use.

However, when I want to use the same dock and Surface at work, we use monitors that have DisplayPort inputs instead of HDMI.

Which DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort cable do you guys recommend that works with the Surface Dock? I'm trying to avoid using more adapters, but if I have to, that's okay. I just dont want to order a cable that DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort and then not work.

Thanks for any input guys.


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I just use the one that came with my dell monitor. Looks like a fairly generic cable, and works just fine. I'm sure your IT department will have some lying around if you explain why you need them (my monitor certainly came with a handful of different DP cables)