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My biggest issue with the reviews is that they are wanting to shoe-horn the DUO into a Flagship Phone (aka - iPhone 11 or Note 20 Ultra) and they are missing the point, they are also reviewing this as a B2C device and that is at best secondary for Panos and team. Those that recognize that this is much more akin to a PDA that can make phone calls are at least closer to what it is designed to be.

I'll be using this as my ultramobile productivity device and digital Moleskin (Using OneNote). This is for my work and my personal productivity. I'm not planning on playing Asphalt 8 or PUBG or vlogging with it...

I'll use it for email, eBooks, digital notes and reviewing and light editing of M365 files. Now I just need FedEx to deliver it :)


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I've had mine 24 hours. I totally love it. The very best thing is that it's not an apple product and if I squint real hard not google either. The phone this replaced was a windows phone. Maybe the last one in the wild. I've been waiting a long time and I couldn't be more pleased.


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I honestly see this geared more towards enterprise. They have focused on productivity from the beginning. Basically it's like the Surface Hub and that's why the price is very high. The same companies that bought a bunch of surface hubs are going to eat this up.