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Surface Pro 3 with duos ... sensors


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This coordinates are with wifi location i think?

I need to know if with the GPS simulation turned on and without wifi if there is a position too.
The question is if windows sees that the other location service gets higher accuracy and switches to this.

GPS7 turned on with Simulation. Then duos started and the Positions should match.

(Values are random so it is not your real position)
Screenshot (46).png

Yes, it works.
I don't know if its just my system but DuOs is a major resource hog. It causes the fan to run continuously and costs me 50% of my battery time (according to battery pro).
I was just looking up DuOS as an alternative to Andy, which im running at the moment. It looks like this has the same issue in that it has to run via virtualisation meaning that a lot of CPU resource is utilised even when you arent doing anything with in Android itself. I'm showing a minimum CPU usage of 55% with Andy and the Android performance is only inline with a Galaxy S3 (according to the AnTuTu benchmark I ran) when I have 3GB of RAM, 64mb of video memory and 2 cores dedicated to the virtual machine.
Sorry to bring back an old thread...

I was looking to emulate Android on my SP3 but seeing how this Duos-m uses a lot of resources (thus hurt the battery life in a big way), I'm hesitant to go for it.

I do like to run some Android games on SP3 but I guess that means I'll have to do it while plugged in.

Also, will installing Duos-m disable connected standby?