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Surface Exchange? Alternatives?


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I bought a Surface 4 Pro last week and am thinking about exchanging it while I'm still in the 2 week period. I'm having lots of problems with my Surface that I don't think a $1500 device should have.
I get the screen blanking randomly or flickers and display driver crashes once or twice a day. The device has just completely froze on me twice already. I have reset the device, then tried reformatting from a USB. Both didn't do much in fixing the problems. Battery life on sleep is horrible unless I disable features that come with the device. I have hyper-v installed, max cpu set to 90%, and the newer recommended Intel drivers. I have light bleed that I notice on max brightness on the bottom right of the screen.
Does anyone here actually have a decent working Surface Pro 4? No light bleed or crashes? I don't know if it's worth exchanging for another Surface 4 to just find the same problems or if I just had bad luck with this device. I don't think it's asking too much for a perfect device for this price point.

If all Surfaces have these problems, what are some similar alternatives to the Surface 4 that people recommend? I understand that I wouldn't have the tablet form factor then if I switch.

You might want to post a bit of what your using it for. For me the Number 1 and must have application is Stylus in OneNote 2016 for handwriting.

I 'had' :( a Surface Pro 3 i7 before I bought a Surface Book i7. Sold it on eBay and wish I didn't, it was ROCK solid !

I returned my Surface Book due to support, and hardware issues.


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I tend to use the pen a bit. I started reviewing documents and pdfs with clients and use the pen to make notes for them. I also like Photoshopping with the pen. Other than that, its pretty basic usage. Only thing that gets intensive is some light gaming.


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I had an issue with a faulty screen on my first sp4, sent it back same day and ordered another one, and this one is flawless. Never had a driver crash or anything, works like a charm. No harm in giving it one more chance and taking it in for replacement. Just make sure to install all Windows updates before passing judgement. There are quite a number of them, which fix a whole range of issues.