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Surface having problems with I believe keyboard shortcuts or something like that


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I purchased my fiancee a Surface 32GB back on Black Friday 2013 for her to use for her business. She is in a wheelchair so she uses a mouth stick. She has to have sticky keys turned on so I'm not sure if it is causing the problem or something else.

When the login screen comes up if it has been in sleep mode and she starts to type her password when she hits the o it pops up a message about the auto rotate being on then if you hit o again it says its off yet it doesn't log the o in the password box. The only way to get around and login after this happens (that I have found) is to restart the surface.

Yesterday I also noticed it happening in the store search box so it isn't just on login. This has to be some conflicting issue with short cut keys or sticky keys or something. That of which shouldn't be happening when there is actually a box selected for text to be entered.