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Surface RT Problems


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Has anyone had problems with surface RT, On screen keyboard freezes but some keys like, r,e,s,f, I tap on then nothing happens once tablet is boot up, some apps like IE, Outlook, Maps, when tap to access them nothing happens is like the system is frozen, but if I tap on other apps they work,another problem when typing on, on screen keyboard some times press the letter c, s changes the keyboard to the imoticons it has been crazy. spoke to MS Support all they did was to make sure all updates were upto date and do a refresh but still having same problems, I can almost say that all started when I upgraded the system to Windows 8.1. My daughter has the same tablet and works perfectly, she has not upgraded to 8.1, any one having problems like that.....?, any solutions. thanks


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I had some issues where the screen was not responding to touches or was sluggish in responding. I basically reloaded the software, including the 8.1 update and it has been running with no issues for a few months since. I did not add a bunch of the apps I added when I first bought the Surface RT and again it has been ok. In the past I would do clean installs to my Windows computers to get that new feeling all over again. It worked for my Surface since I luckily did not have a bunch of docs and photos on it. Nice having cloud services nowadays, but I do not use them outside of work related docs. So for me to do fresh reinstalls is not a big deal. Good luck.