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Surface Laptop 4 with Dock2


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I have the problem with using Surface Laptop 4 + Dock2 + 2 Monitors. The problem - when I start computer after hypernate or sleeping mode then only one monitor become active, but 2nd monitor still "sleeps" and solutions are - reconnect 2nd monitor to the docking station or reboot computer. I had installed Surface diagnostic tool and got all latest surface updates, but issue still exist. Unfortunately I can't prove it how the same Dock2 works with other Surface models, because simply do not have other models. I installed WMI Instance Provider and saw that Dock2 has the following Microcontroller version number: 5.202.139. I also have another Dock2 with Microcontroller version number: 5.306.139 (not sure how it was installed/updated), but in fact both docking stations with combinations more than 1 Surface Laptop 4 have the same issue. By the way I have the same issue with Dell and LG monitors. Unfortunately can't test it, if some other monitors have the same issue. Does somebody can suggest solution for that?
Hi, no. At least I wanted to get original Microsoft USB-C - HDMI adapter to made the last test, but finally it we decided just to start replacing the monitors. If we use cables USB-C to USB-C (from monitor to Dock2) then no issues. This is solution for us. Until that time the users with "HDMI" monitors should re-connect their monitors if such issue appears. This is workaround proposed by Microsoft. :)

My greetings.
Thanks for the reply, we will try that.
But it looks like we dont have newer monitors with usb-c input.....
So maybe the usb-c -> hdmi/displayport adapter is the sinner here.
Hi, I have the Dock 2 with 3 external monitors (all DP inputs) and no issues when a Surface Book 1, 2, or Laptop Studio.