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Solved Surface Pro 4 and 2 external monitors


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Hi I have a Surface Pro 4 and 2 Samsung SE450 monitors I would like to use as well routed through the docking station. I have two mini-Display to VGA adapters for these monitors (Insignia and Rockfish brands). I can make either monitor work, but not both at the same time.When I plug them into the docking station my SP4 only recognizes one at a time. Depending on which mini display port I am plugged into I can identify 1|3 or 1|2 under display settings. If I have both plugged in then just one monitor works and it shows 1|3 when I identify. I get the "Didn't detect another display" when I try to detect other monitors.

Can anyone advise what I can do to get these 2 external monitors to work with my Surface Pro 4?

My ideal state
Plug in the SP4 from the docking station and both monitors work under extended screen mode with Monitor 2 being the main display.

So far:
  • I downloaded and installed the most updated Samsung drivers and see it in device drivers
  • I updated windows 10
  • I did try all the other options from Windows+P including duplicate, extend and second screen only
  • I tried all combinations of making a monitor my main display
  • I tried combinations of plugging the monitors into the docking station and directly into the SP4
thank you!


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I just checked with my IT department and this update to Win10 10586 from 10240 will be available Nov 16 for me. I will try that and update everyone on the experience. If you want to see which build you are running just goto start (or hit windows key) and type winver



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Resolved! And without the Windows 10 download. There is a third way to set up and manage displays. That is to go through the control panel and detect and manage your external monitors. I do not know why right clicking on the desktop screen and using Display Settings (and Win+P) did not work as the menus lead you to the same options. I am now able to extend my SurfacePro4 across my two external monitors.

thanks for any/all forum responses


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