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Surface pen and One Note destop with Windows 1-



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Here is a link I found that doesn't work. Maybe someone can get it to work though. The problem is when you delete the One Note app with Powershell, within five minutes it's reinstalled. Also the zip file is gone so you have to do all this manually. I may have mistyped something. I did copy and paste though so...

OneNote Surface Pen Hack

It's really ridiculous since it is possible to choose the app you want on the Surface Pro 4.


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Thanks for the video. I already tried deleting the Surface app and reinstalling it. It just replaced it with the same one I had. It only has options to change the pen sensitivity. However, I suspect this might work for some people.

I suspect it might work for SP4 users. The video was made by SurfacePro3TechReviews.com so I just assumed it would work with the SP3. A mistake on my part. I apologise.


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I have the SP4 pen on my SP3. I manually deleted the drivers for the pen, manually installed the drivers for the Surface Pro 4, and then I could use the Surface App to customize a single click, double click, and click hold to anything you like.

If you have the SP3 pen, this method may or may not work well. But if you have the newer pen, it works great


I used a utility that someone mentioned in the SP4 forum(called auto hotkey) that changed the button functionality and it actually would start Onenote 2013. The problem was, if I was in tablet mode, no matter what I did, it would not bring Onenote 2013 to the front. It would start it in the background and leave it there.

Made it useless.

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