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Surface Phone and Windows 10 Mobile Redstone Update Coming April 2017


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Above is an artist's concept render found randomly on the web.

The latest intel points to July of next year for the launch date of the Microsoft Surface Phone. The same report suggests that Microsoft is also planning that timeframe to launch a big Redstone update to Windows 10 Mobile. It actually makes perfect sense that Microsoft would roll out an improved version of Windows 10 Mobile at the same time as their newest mobile lineup.

Excitement is high for the Surface Phone project, and it needs to be, because the last generation Lumia smartphones were basically a flop. The folks in Redmond are working hard to differentiate the Surface Phone from previous Windows 10 Mobile devices. Besides the marketing tie in with the Surface name, it looks like Microsoft is working on a couple of features meant to distinguish the Surface Phone. Microsoft wants the device to be:
  1. The most secure phone in the world
  2. The best phone for productivity
It will be a tough uphill climb for the Surface Phone to make a dent in the already crowded mobile smartphone market, but perhaps the Surface brand cache and these new features will make it stand out from the crowd and steal some marketshare from iOS and Android. What do you folks think?

Source: WindowsCentral

El Chorizo

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Microsoft has a good thing going with the Surface name, makes good sense to capitalize on it with a phone. I hope they do better with it than they did with previous phone attempts.


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Agreed. Ever since they bought Nokia they have slowly turned the Lumia line into an albatross around their necks. Microsoft needs to turn that around, and it's possible the Surface Phone could do that.

cereal killer

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I think MSFT fully understands that they must bring a compelling smartphone to market in order to compete and perhaps this phone will be it.

I think iOS and Android need a serious competitor to continue to push innovation and features in the smartphone market...we'll see.

I'm definitely pulling for them.


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I think it's long overdue for a Microsoft to have a winner in the phone category. It seems Android and iOS have both stalled and it's time for something new!


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I want..... a phone that has all the latest standards. BT 4.x (Full profiles support), SD card, fingerprint reader, OTG usb port, support for real mouse and keyboard, stylus support, big screen like my Note 5 has, NFC, WIFI ac, wifi calling, GPS, carrier support, tap to pay NFC support, IR blaster for remote control, >10mp camera with OIS, wireless charging, gyro, accelerometer, compass.

Now, add to all those goodies, I want APPS and not just some half baked wannabe apps that are poorly supported in the Windows store either. I want a decent app ecosystem such as found on android and iPhone.

Now wait, I also want other things thrown in but not like the continuum crap they are trying to do. I want the capability of real x32 type apps that when I plug in monitor, keyboard and mouse thru BT, I can actually do REAL productivity work. Now, I need battery life too. Hmm, I guess I really want a small Surface Pro 4 with all the features of a Samsung Note 5 built in.

Well, shoot, I guess I better go wake up now. That was a nice dream anyway.


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Personally, just give me a high end nice looking stable phone. I already have a surface for productivity. The terms phone and productivity just make me laugh.

I can't think of a single circumstance where I would ha e a screen, keyboard, and mouse, but no computer, so I just dont personally see the point in a dockable phone. What productivity are they talking about. Android and iOS are already perfectly good for email. With everything cloud connected its not like you ha e to use the phone instead of computer due to local files.

Guess they're really going for the niche market with this one.


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Knowing nothing about the phone itself, all I can really comment on is the angular design in the rendering, and I really like it!