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Microsoft Might Demo Windows 10 for Phones on January 21st


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Here's an interesting new rumor from Redmond. Supposedly, Microsoft is planning to show off Windows 10 for Phones on January 21st. Here's a quote with some of the details,

Microsoft sent out the invitations last month to see “the next chapter” of Windows 10, and is widely expected to show off the consumer features of the updated OS.

We had also hoped that we will have our first look at Windows 10 for phones, and Tom Warren appears to confirm it.

The 21st January event will be held at Redmond and is invitation only, but will also be live streamed.

Windows 10 for phone is expected to be Microsoft’s new phone and tablet OS, and may be called Windows Mobile 10, with regular Windows 10 more focussed on the desktop.

Color us excited! This seems like very solid intel. We will keep an eye out, but you might mark this on your calendar just in case.

Source: http://wmpoweruser.com/microsoft-to-show-off-windows-10-for-phones-on-21st-january/

cereal killer

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Nice!!!!!!! Can't wait! Of course I'm still waiting for 8.1 on my Icon but we're set to get it soon. I'll be bummed if VZW doesn't update the Icon to "Windows 10"