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Surface Pro 1 Start-up issue


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Had my little used Surface Pro 1 for a long time and in all the time I've owned it (since new), it won't start up properly (from off) - I have to use the 'Press power and volume down button (or is it 'up button' - can't remember) for 30 seconds' to start it up every time. This reset/power on is required regardless of how the unit is shut down. Is it possible there's a firmware update that resolves this? I've been dooing lots of googling but can't find out how the firmware is updated or where to find firmware updates.

The surface wakes up from sleep normally and, other than the startup issue, it works flawlessly in all other regards. Thanks for any advice.


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Go to settings, Windows Update. If firmware needs to be updated, your Surface Pro 1 will attempt to retrieve and install.

But you probably have already checked that. So it could be that no more updates are available for your Surface model. If you wish, you may try to search for "Reset my PC" in Settings. Choose "Keep my files" option. In about ten minutes, Windows 10 will make sure all settings are okay.

Let us know if you get this resolved.


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Well I have kind of the same issue except I have to hold the power down key for a very long time- like a full minute. Had it since new! I keep it updated?


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There are no updates that I'm aware of -it occasionaly updates itself but if there's a way to confirm if all the latest software/firmware updates are installed, I'm not aware of it.