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Surface Pro 128 Recover Partition


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Unless you know what you are doing I don't recommend this though. For somebody that has a lot of questions about this process it can be risky. Asking questions and learning is good but make sure you are ready to do this and completely understand it before removing the recovery partition from your Surface. Once recovery is off of the Surface you could essentially end up with non-functioning device if you lose the USB, delete the image, it becomes corrupted or can't figure out how to boot from it. You will have to find a new image and be able to restore from it before you can get going again.

Of course this is all to say user be ware and do this at your own peril ;)

I agree its risky, but my mitigation plan is this: I will make two USB recovery drives. One will be accessible and in my desk (but also potentially accessible to others) who might re use it or lose it etc. the other will be kept in a more secure location where it will be unlikely to be lost or mistakingly reused. 8gb USB drives are about 10 bucks these days.


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Picked up a PNY 8gb USB 2.0 for $6 today, on sale at Staples and made the recovery drive. Keep it on the pro also.. No real need to delete right now I have plenty of room with my 64GB Micro SD card. thanks for the info guys..