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Solved Surface Pro 2 cannot find network printer


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I just picked up a Surface Pro 2 the other day and am having trouble getting it to find my home network printer. The printer is connected to my router. My desktop computer accesses the printer via being wired to the router. I can also use the printer wirelessly with my old netbook running Windows 7, my Android tablet using PrinterShare and my LG G3 using PrinterShare. None of these devices connect directly to the printer, but go through the router. When I try adding a new device on my Surface Pro 2 it does not see any printer. What is the best way to get my Pro 2 to see the printer?



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I don't see where you mentioned the printer brand/type or if you tried downloading drivers to see if the drivers could locate it.


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It might help to know what kind of router it is and what options are available for sharing the printer.
Also look at your config on the netbook to see how it was added, that might reveal some clues.


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Sorry, its a Kodak ESP 7250 All-in-One. I completely overlooked the fact that the Pro 2 runs a desktop version of windows. I installed the printer drivers and everything works. Thanks again.