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Surface pro 2 died


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Got my surface pro 2 128Gb, 3 days ago. Woke up this morning some update was automatically downloaded overnight had to restart the computer, was working this Am for an hour, put it to sleep and it won't restart. Even holding the start button down for 10 seconds won't start it up. Its not a battey issue because i've plug it in for a couple of hours and it still won't start. when its connected to the type cover 2, the backlight does come on. Anyone else experiencing this? Any suggestions how to fix this short of returning it?
I don't know about holding the button down for 10 seconds. I believe you need to hold it 20-30 seconds at least to do a hard reset.
Well, you are supposed to hold it for 20 seconds or so to do a hard shutdown, then a quick 1 second press to turn it back on.
Yes true... If you keep holding it down for prolonged periods it will continue to shut completely down.

You will need to press it once (a quick press) after it has reset in order to actually boot it back up.
tried that too, doesn't work, my surface pro 2 is stone cold dead!!! i guess i'm going to have to return it.
When i return it and get a new surface pro 2, would it automatically download all the apps that i installed on it from skydrive or do i have to spend half the day to re-install everything again?
Likely reinstall unless you set skydiver up to make exact clone of previous device... which is possible as demonstrated by panos at the Surface release event.
Its in the change PC settings. Then press skydiver. Then sync settings. In there I think by default, it has every set to on. Meaning apps, background, data, tiles and everything is backed up. So, in theory, once you get new device and sign into skydiver. You can set it to reload everything that's backed up. Not sure about desktop apps though.
Hi there,

DON'T PANIC! Almost the same thing happened to me. I was working in IE and Word and all over a sudden the screen went blank and couldn't for the life of me manage to get it back on. The windows key would vibrate but nothing would happen. Tried holding down power etc but nothing worked. Decided to give Ms customer support a call and in order for them to help I needed the charger. When I got home, I gave them another call and they walked me through a couple of checks and then got my pressing combination of windows button and volume down. This immediately brought my screen back and I haven't had a problem yet. It appears there were some updates I needed to install and the guy on the phone said they were still trying to iron out teething problems.

As I said, don't panic, and just give MS support a call. They were very helpful and I couldn't be happier with my purchase!
Hold in power and volume up. Don't remember if it's volume up or down but it's one of them. Girlfriend's surface got stuck off/asleep/something and doing that force a restart.