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Surface Pro 2 protective skins, carbon and colours who's in?

Would you be interested?

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Hey guys and girls, I'm doing a bit of research to see who would be interested in protective skins for their surface pro 2. They are full body, covering the back and sides of the surface. If there is enough interest I may get a run made up for sale.
I currently have invisible scratch protection, black carbon, purple carbon, red carbon and to match the covers I have baby blue, purple, black, hot pink. I also have matt black and matt red. More colours and styles may be available in the future such as brushed steel, matt gold and matt silver.
I'll be selling them at £14.99 a pack and you get a pair of skins in the pack.
Delivery inside the UK will be free but outside the UK there will be a charge for shipping.
If we can get a list together Ill give out a 25% discount code that I'll PM the members in the list with the code.

This is the purple carbon. I have the same on on my surface pro 2 and with the purple keyboard looks awesome :D

Thanks for looking :)