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Surface Pro 2 screen unresponsive when Type Cover 2 is folded back 180degress

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Phra Mick

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Hi folks,

I've had the SP2 with Type Cover 2 for a few weeks now and I love them both, two issues however...

1. It seems the Type Cover 2 isn't as flexible as the first Type Cover, especially at the hinge when folded back 180degrees. At times, the keyboard connector kicks loose when the cover is folded backward 180dg. Worse is when booting up fresh with the Type Cover 2 folded back flat, the screen becomes completely unresponsive. I've had to disconnect the TC2 in order the login the tablet using the on-screen keyboard. The picture below demonstrates this issue.

2. When placing the unit onto a metal surface with the Type Cover 2 is folded back 180degrees, the system immediately goes into sleep mode. This happens to both models of 'Surface Pro with Type Cover' and 'Surface Pro 2 with Type Cover 2'

Please help.

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