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Surface pro 2 touch cover is skipping letters, has anyone had this problem?


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When you move the mouse pointer with the trackpad or a mouse, is there a delay? I am asking, because your SP2 may be busy doing an update, and you are experiencing temporary delays. If so, the problem will clear itself up.


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Thans, sharp, I have restarted severa times incuding a hard restart,,,,,,the updates are a up to date as you can see, some etters are ust sipping as of this morning when I turned my surface pro two on it was fine yesterday


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I have switched out my keyboard with my wife's keyboard and hers works fine on my surface....mine skips letters on her surface, so it must be that my keyboard is gone out. I tried cleaning it off and cleaning the little metal connectors and turned the keyboard upside down and wiped with a soft brush in case anything had found its way into the keyboard, compressed air, etc., all to no avail!


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Are you using the Touch Cover Gen 1 or Gen 2? Gen 1 had far fewer sensors and missing key was common, if you are using Gen 2 make sure you have the latest Firmware installed and clean with a Microfiber cloth the spine where the cover connects to the Surface.

If that doesn't help you may have a faulty Cover.


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A few hours after creating this post my type 2 cover totally died...I have ordered a new one. Meantime, I bought a wireless cover which is nice for my desk and large screen which is hooked up to my Surface 2. I may use the new type 2 cover for travel only.


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I really don't get why people use touch covers anyway, i CANNOT stand them.
Why would people use them over the type covers is just beyond me.


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Ordered as in paid for? You would have been able to exchange your old one over as it'll still be in warranty...
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