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Surface Pro 2017 v Surface Pro 6


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Hi all, I'm just seeking peoples opinion on this dilemma

If you could get a Surface Pro 6 i5 8GB 256GB or a Surface Pro 2017 I7 512Gb 64GB for the same price

Which would you buy ?

I have this dilemma so need assistance



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I would go for the sp2017. I think the "old" i7 will outperform the "new" i5. Furthermore you'll be very happy with the added RAM!

Only thing to keep in mind is that the i5 is passive cooled and the i7 has fan cooling. However, Microsoft has done a splendid job in silencing that!


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i5 Pro 6 will be WAY quieter and have a much longer battery life however. I dunno about the i7 Pro 6 though since the fan probably uses up a lot of power.