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Surface Pro 3 Always booting to UEFI screen

Just tuned in to this thread.

This very thing happened to me on my Surface Pro 3 after applying Surface Pro UEFI update (v3.10.250.0) on September 10, 2014. I could only boot to the UEFI screen.
After two days of frustration and worry, I took it to a Microsoft Store (brick and mortar), and the technical staff there tried various methods to fix it for three hours. They could not boot from USB or from DVD, or even a cable attached to the docking interface.

Finally, they replaced my Surface Pro 3 i7 512 on the spot.

The Microsoft Store technical staff told me that the update 'probably exposed a problem with some circuitry' which only gets exercised and revealed when doing that kind of update. I was not their first. Before leaving the store (September 13), they had me do that same update on the new machine. No problems.
I'm burning some sacrifices to the Surface Gods for you in hopes that Recovery USB will work :-/
System Image Backup is a feature built into Windows 8.1 and its not one of the recommended solutions for Imageing & restoring? Weird.... My first 26 went so smothly using this feature.

Question for MDT Deployment, Is it a program I install on a server or computer and then create/apply image's from that computer/server? Or is it an application I put on a bootable USB stick and create/apply images that way, the long PDF that microsfot posted is really confusing.
MDT can be installed on an Admin Workstation or Server and can create a bootable USB or a WDS image and can integrate with SCCM.
I got to this screen

WARNING: Clearing erases information stored on the TPM. You will lose all created keys and access to data encrypted by these keys.
Press F12 to clear the TPM
ress ESC to reject this change reuqest and continue

what do I do?
Based on shear logic I would NOT clear the TPM first time through, if that didn't work Id take the other option but knowing id have to do more work to resetup the TMP later.

TPM primer... TLDW :)
Use F12 as you will want new keys after imaging.... if it clears the secure boot keys you can reload them via the UEFI Screen.
I took the USB drive out, plugged in another regular USB kayboard, still stuck on the American Megatrans screen, i put the usb back, what do I do now?