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Surface Pro 3 Battery Fix has been released in today's Firmware Update


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After the update, my SP3 wouldn't boot, I let it charge overnight, then the BSOD. The auto repair worked and I used the computer all day and then bam! it went black while plugged in. To make a long story short, the computer store said it was the battery. I went through all the fixes on the MS website including restore to factory default. It works now as long as it's plugged in except occasionally just goes black. I've had it since 12/2014 so no warranty. I've heard others are having the same issue!?
i'm very suspect of the battery fix. I never had the problem where my battery was degrading rapidly like others reported but have always kept an eye on it...now I seem to have it. My cycle count is also rising rapidly with very few recharges. I had about 70 cycles and in a period since purchase of the Surface Pro 3 in Dec/15. The update my cycle count is now over 150 (80 cycles in 2 months?) Something is definitely wrong with the battery, or battery management. When charging it stops at 95% and displays "Not charging". After a follow up reboot it will display 100% charged. Remove power and you get something like 12-14 hours of battery left (which is also crazy) for about 10 minutes stuck at 100%...then it drops to 93% or so immediately.
my SP3 installed another battery firmware update dated 11/07/2016.
seems to correct the crazy unrealistic hours of battery power left but still drops from 100% to 93% within minutes. MS says not to install the update while in the docking station...well luckily I quickly went to the site to see what this new firmware was about before it automatically installed!


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Dopo la tastiera che non veniva più rilevata e quindi, sostituita con una di pochi euro, ora anche la batteria non tiene la carica nonostante sia tutto aggiornato ..anche il firmware ad oggi 12-Luglio-2021... massima delusione per il Surface ...