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Docking Station Sp3 - some question again

Enrico D.

Hello I would like to know if there is some update about the Sp3 docking station.

Many of us had problems about the mini display port that do not perform well as the one into the device, so it is an issue.

1. Do you think Microsoft is going to produce a new version with a better mini display port or we are have to wait the sp4 docking...?

2. because even defected, I would reconsider the docking for its usb ports instead of a usb hub, can you tell me the 3 Usb 3.0 ports how many watts are able to support? because I would like to know how many 5W usb monitor I could attach, if are 3 watts like the one on the device it's not good, so in this case I will try to find the best hub able to give sufficient power to the usb ports.

3. Finally, I still not found somebody with a monitor 2560x1600 like a dell that connect with a mini display port to display port cable the monitor to the docking without issue. Any update about this? Are you able to to this? because I had an issue with a startech.com mdp to display port active adapter, I had the monitor flickering... so I gave up with the docking and I use the adapter directly on the mdp on the device and it works fine.

that's all, hope to get some feedback and update about the docking! thanks again.

Johnny Jensen

New Member
I have an Asus PB278 2560x1600 connected to my dock and that works fine. The only problems I have had was the first cable was defect and error 40(turn off the screen insted of on)


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FWIW, I have used both a 27" 2560 x 1440 Apple Cinema Display, AS WELL AS a Dell 2560 x 1080 [21:9 aspect ratio] WITH A DisplayPort to Mini Display Port cable.

I haven't had a single issue with my SP3 dock with either monitor.

I think it is 1440p

I certainly HOPE so. . . I feel bad for anyone stuck with 1440i...There is just NO comparison between interlaced and progressive :p
I have two docking stations. One is running 2560x1600. The other is running 3840x2160. No problems with either. You don't need an adapter. Just make sure you are using good quality mDP->DP cables.