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SP4 Speakers don't play sound, sit and click when turned on


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Hello, I've tried everything i can think of and tried the troubleshooter multiple times, but my surface pro 4 speakers just sit and click when I try to play any type of sound. When I plug headphones in, i get sound through them, but nothing through the external speakers. I've only had it for a couple months, and the sound worked when I received the device.

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That sounds very much like a hardware issue. An RMA may be the best course. Is device manager indicating any issues?

Try this:
Remove that sound device with Device Manager, and immediately do a cold hard reboot.

Attempt to play sound immediately after the reboot.
Unsuccessful, still just lots of clicking.

Device manager is showing no problems. I checked to see if it was a driver issue. I thought maybe I was just missing an update because that happened with my keyboard cover when I first got my machine.