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Surface Pro 3 i5 or i7


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Hi guys, how are you? Im from Argentina and I want to buy the SP3 but I dont know which one is better for me.

I'm a Civil Engeneering Student and I want to use it at the University to take notes and to work with AutoCAD, Photoshop and Revit programs at the university too.

I have a desktop computer to work with the big files at AutoCad o Photoshop and to rendering with Revit. So the SP3 is only for use when I'm not at home.

Mi principal question is which one would you recomend me. And I have the questions with the noise fan and heat problems with the I7, because I dont want to have it when Im watching a movie or using Netflix or another soft at mi home.

I'm sorry with my English, and thanks for your answers.


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It sounds like the i7 is overkill for your intended use cases, would have to dig deeper into those scenarios to be certain.


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I had an i7 and then went down to an i5. Then I had that i5 replaced and went to an i7, been back and forth multiple times. No heat issues on the i7. For CAD the i7 might be nice. See if you can combine the student discount and the $150 off right now. If so the i7 would be a great buy. I don't need the i7 by any means and the i5 was great for me. I have posted multiple times about my experiences with both running the same tasks.
I don't have experience with i7 model but I'm very happy with i5. For what you want to do, i5 should be fine.
Get the i5 with 8/256. You will be happy.


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The i5 8/256, as was indicated in the previous post, should meet your needs. However, if you can afford the I7 it would provide an extra power margin of capability.


The better graphics processor in the i7 is very noticeable for me between my i7 and my wifes i5. Especially when it comes to spot rendering checks and manipulation complicated objects.


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Thanks a lot for your comments.

I think that the complicated objects or rendering the Revit files Im going to do with mi Pc, the tablet just use to open that files, to modify something at CAD or Revit, or to show the teachers the advance of the Tps.

Also i Will use it to take notes in class or record the things I need.


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I purchased an i5 and I love mine.. I know it may be a bit off topic but just yesterday I had problems with my Desktop PC and I was in a rush to print a 27pg contract and I just plugged in the printer and BAM! I was printing in a matter of seconds .. It's a fast tablet , I didn't see it before but no I understand why they say it can replace your laptop .. Yes it's that fast


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If you are just doing wire frame views, i5 will be fine. Any sort of shading or lighting, get the i7. I use my i7 with a real time lighting simulator and it does fairly well. Still nowhere near my desktop of course...but better than I thought once the newest graphics driver came out.