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Surface Pro 3 i7 Core M Family?


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Hi guys,

I am about to purchase a Surface Pro 3 i7 but I need some help.

It's very confusing for me at this point after a few days of research. There is this offer online that says "Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet (12-Inch, 256 GB, Intel Core i7, Windows 10)" which is on sale from $1,549, now $638... Amazon, and a lot more are offering this sale, if you guys ain't ready for SP4 yet. That's a pretty good deal! I watched Youtube comparisons for SP3 vs SP4 and I think, for my not so power user purposes I think I'm cool with SP3, for now.


.. when I clicked on the 'See more product detail' I found that the processor is "1.7 GHz Core M Family".. what does it mean? I asked some friend(Surface users) who are familiar with these stuff they said not to buy CORE M's.. And for me Core M sounds like Surface 2 or 3, not the PRO. Or am I getting it wrong?

My expectation for this item (originally $1,549) is that it has the Intel Core i7 4650U, that's with the Intel HD Graphics 5000.

It is either my friends and I who got this wrong or the specs of that offer was misleading. I hope I am not so intruding this community, I just can't talk with someone from who ever is selling this to ask for very specific questions. I even had a chat with Microsoft Store and she can't answer me anything because the SP3 line is not available in their website. I have no choice but to ask the community of SP users.

Please enlighten me. Any advice PLEASE? :(



(Im not too techy but I had a Surface RT(broken), Lumia user since first gen and a loyal MS user. Wanna try SP3 for my 3D and post prod works using Maya, Zbrush, ToonBoom, Adobe CC products).


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The Surface Pro 3 used Sandy Bridge U series with the exception of the i3 which used the Y which Intel would rebrand as M in the next generation. The description is wrong on the page....


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Jeff misspoke on the SP3 CPUs, they have the newer Haswell CPUs in them not the Sandy Bridge but yeah there are lots of mistakes on Amazon's product descriptions. Specifically the SP3 uses the i7-4650U or i5-4300U or i3-4020Y. Core m wasn't introduced until the generation after SP3.


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Hello, I've got a surface pro 3 that has the i5 Intel processor, 256gb SSD hard drive, and 8gb of RAM. It has been a pretty nice machine so far. I got it barely used with the surface type keyboard/cover, surface pro 4 pen, one nice case, a sleeve to store it in, a display port to HDMI adapter, and a brand new Xbox One wireless controller & charger cable. I was able to score all of this for $500 shipped to my door. There's some pretty good deals out there, if you look hard enough.

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